Uniting the Clubs – Press Release



PIEDMONT TRIAD, NORTH CAROLINA (March 26, 2018) – Twin City Youth Soccer Association and Greensboro United Soccer Association are pleased to announce the uniting of the organizations under one management company, the North Carolina Triad Fusion, and new club name North Carolina Fusion.

For the past 8 years, TCYSA and GUSA have been partners in the NC Soccer Fusion program, which has provided players participation in the highest levels of soccer in the country.  The clubs’ co-management of Fusion resulted in the leadership of each club recognizing a greater opportunity for collaboration and led us to further discuss how we may be stronger as a united organization that facilitates collaboration over competition between the Clubs.

As North Carolina Fusion, parents and players will not only have access to all of the programs available currently, but also new offerings to be announced soon.  Managed by one entity, the organizations will continue to maintain a local community focus, while uniting the entire Triad soccer community with the following goals in mind:


  1. Enhance our programs at all levels – In addition to the high-quality programs we are offering at the local level at Twin City and Greensboro United, we will be expanding our offerings in our Triad based higher level programming


  1. Strengthen and connect our Triad Community through soccer. Players from all Triad communities now can participate in programs at all levels that focus on collaboration over competition.  This leads to progress in youth sport because we are aligning our philosophies and programs to take the quality of our programs significant strides forward


  1. Continuously improve our soccer community through Trust – both on and off the field. By bringing our incredible coaching and administrative staffs together, sharing ideas, trusting one another, and through professional growth opportunities, we will improve our programs.


  1. Instill a culture of Development, in which all players and coaches strive to improve and be their personal best no matter of their current level.


  1. Create one of the most respected full service soccer organizations in the country. With this ambition comes a huge dose of Humility and reality that each individual’s experience is most important, and there will be things within our control and things out of our control. As an organization, we will strive to provide a Triad Wide community based program that operates at an elevated level through soccer programming.

Scott Wollaston, newly named Executive Director of NC Fusion, stated, “The leadership teams of both clubs are very excited about the opportunity we have in front of us.  We have been in partnership for many years, but really haven’t been able to reach our full potential.  Our alignment truly enhances the programs that we currently offer and creates incredible new opportunities for our players throughout the Triad area.  Twin City and Greensboro United have been offering high quality soccer programming for many decades, and the combining of our talents, strengths, and resources makes for an exciting time for our entire membership!”

 For existing players at Twin City, Greensboro United and Fusion, operating the programs under a single management structure will enhance their opportunity to play at every level of soccer.  We will also welcome new players from surrounding communities of the Triad to be a part of our programs at all levels of play.  The graphic below illustrates that:

Uniting the Clubs – Press Release

More details regarding the new NC Fusion will be released the week of April 2nd, including online registration, tryout dates, and program descriptions/details.


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